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About GM

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For over 40 years, GM has been at the forefront of innovation in the self-adhesive label converting, finishing, and flexible packaging industry. Our machines are renowned for being faster, smarter, tougher, and user-friendly. 

As we move forward, we aim to leverage our established reputation in printing to demonstrate our leadership in the field of functional materials as well. GM Functionals offers a full range of equipment for coating and curing functional materials, further showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Expertise and Technology


Rather than purchasing ready-made solutions, we create our own. This empowers us to offer you a competitive advantage in the realm of functional materials.

From our very first interaction, our priority is to understand your business requirements. We ensure that your investment is well-suited to your needs, enabling shorter production times, improved quality, and scalability as your business grows.

Scalability and Ambition

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Our adaptable printing systems and versatile processes make it possible for us to adjust and expand in response to your evolving requirements.

We share your enthusiasm for exploring the potential of functional material technology. We invite you to challenge us to demonstrate our dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving new milestones in this exciting field. Together, we can embark on a journey of innovation and discovery.