ModularR2R coating machine
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FlexiCoat - Modular R2R Coating Machine

  • Versatile R2R coating platform 
  • Ideal for perovskite, solar cells, fuel cell membranes, and lithium-ion battery electrodes
  • Effortless lab-to-production upscaling
  • Customizable with retrofit modules
  • Fully integrated digital control of all parameters


Unlock Precision and Efficiency with FlexiCoat

FlexiCoat revolutionizes coating operations, delivering unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our cutting-edge digital control system gives you complete control over crucial coating parameters, such as web speed, web tension, temperatures, and ink delivery parameters. This guarantees consistent and uniform coatings across various functional materials, ultimately reducing material waste, and setup times, and achieving exceptional coating quality effortlessly. 

Explore our Modular Design for Versatility

FlexiCoat's modular design offers unmatched versatility, allowing you to customize the machine to match your unique production requirements. Whether you're dealing with conductive inks, adhesives, or photoactive materials, our interchangeable coating and curing modules make it easy to adapt to different materials and processes. This flexibility empowers you to discover new applications and expand your product range.

Discover Laser Patterning and Inspection System

Enhance your capabilities with precise and customizable material patterning using laser technology. Our optional integrated inspection system ensures rigorous quality control, detecting defects and maintaining consistent product quality throughout the production process.

Seamless Digital Connectivity and Smart Automation

Embrace the principles of Industry 4.0 with FlexiCoat's digital connectivity and intelligent automation features. Effortlessly integrate our machine into your existing production line and harness real-time data for process optimization. The intuitive user interface ensures straightforward operation and monitoring, while remote access and diagnostics enhance maintenance efficiency. Experience the transformative power of digital technology with FlexiCoat.

Exceptional Support and Expertise

Selecting FlexiCoat means partnering with a trusted ally dedicated to your success. Our team of experts provides comprehensive training, ongoing support, and maintenance services to guarantee smooth operation and maximize uptime. We are committed to your satisfaction and stand ready to provide prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Embrace the Future of Coating with FlexiCoat

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your functional materials production. Embrace the future of coating technology with FlexiCoat's modular and fully digital roll-to-roll slot-die coating machine.


Precision Control with FlexiCoat

FlexiCoat offers precise digital control, OPC UA data export, a versatile modular platform, and seamless upgradability with additional modules.

Versatile Applications with FlexiCoat

Discover the endless possibilities of FlexiCoat, serving applications like photovoltaics, battery coatings, sensors, and fuel cell membranes.

Coating Flexibility

FlexiCoat is your versatile choice, operating as both an R&D system and a production machine, bridging the gap between lab and factory applications.

Multi-Functional Features

FlexiCoat boasts automated slot-die coating with a heated roller, along with optional inline screen printing, busbar application, and inspection systems.

Technical Specifications

Web width 330 mm 13”
Coating width  300 mm 11.8”
Speed 0 - 30 m/min 0 - 98.4 ft/min
Rewind diameter Up to 800 mm 31.5”
Core diameter 50 - 150 mm 2 - 6”
Weight per module (approx.) 400 kg 881.8 Ibs
Module Dimensions
W x D x H 1,0/ 2,0 x 1,5 x 2,0 m 3.2/ 6.5 x 4.9 x 6.5 ft


3D FlexiCoat


FlexiCoat features advanced roll- to-roll coating technology for thin film applications

Try out our 3D FlexiCoat configurator and customize your functional materials line according to your specific preferences and needs.

  • Simplify the product and module selection process for your business.
  • Get a realistic preview of your functional materials line.
  • Get fast and accurate pricing from our sales department.

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