Versatileslot-die coater
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PilotCoat+ Versatile Slot-Die Coater

  • High-quality versatile platform for thin-film applications
  • Motorized, digitally controlled slot-die station
  • Hot-air and/ or IR curing options
  • Embedded digital control features


Streamlined and Multifunctional Design:

PilotCoat+ is engineered with a streamlined design, making it an ideal choice for laboratories and small-scale production environments. Its compact yet powerful structure ensures it fits seamlessly into limited spaces without sacrificing performance. The multifunctional capabilities of PilotCoat+ enable it to handle a diverse range of functional materials, including conductive inks, adhesives, and more. This versatility makes it perfect for various applications, whether you're conducting pilot production runs, performing research projects, or exploring new material coatings. PilotCoat+ effortlessly adapts to your specific coating needs, providing a reliable and efficient solution for any task.

Advanced Digital Control System:

Experience unparalleled precision with PilotCoat+'s advanced digital control system. This sophisticated system allows you to manage all coating parameters, such as thickness, speed, and temperature, with exceptional accuracy and ease. The intuitive digital interface simplifies both setup and operation, making it accessible for users of all experience levels. By offering precise control over every aspect of the coating process, PilotCoat+ ensures consistent, high-quality coatings and generates reliable research data. This level of control not only enhances the quality of your results but also streamlines your workflow, making PilotCoat+ an indispensable tool for any laboratory or production facility.

Precision Handling

PilotCoat+ employs a heated roller, curing system, pneumatic nip, and advanced servo technology to ensure precise web handling and control.

Wide Range of Applications

Discover the numerous uses of PilotCoat+, from organic and perovskite photovoltaics to battery cell coatings, fuel cell membrane coatings, and printed electronic coatings.

Robust Feature Set

PilotCoat+ offers embedded digital control for all functions, an optional web guide, a Corona unit, and an enclosure for atmosphere control.

Highly Efficient Slot-Die Coater

PilotCoat+ is the perfect machine for replicating large-scale production, making it a natural step forward after spin-coating experiments.

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Technical Specifications

Web width 350mm
Coating options Slot die, Corona, webclean
Curing options IR, Hot Air
Speed 0 - 40m/ min
Weight 1000 kg
Large easy-to-use touch screen
W x D x H 4600 x 1300 x 1700 mm

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