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GM presents PilotCoat at LOPEC Conference


02 March 2023

GM attends the LOPEC Conference. LOPEC is the world's leading communication platform for research, knowledge, and solutions in the printed electronics industry.

Come and meet us to get information on the status quo of printed electronics in 2023. Exciting awaits at the LOPEC Conference between February 28 – March 2.

Uffe Nielsen, Johan Nehammer, and Tobias Stubhan present one of the GM solutions for slot die coating; The PilotCoat coating machine.

GM’s PilotCoat Slot-die Tabletop coater is an entry-level, compact platform for production and applied science in thin film applications. PilotCoat roll-to-roll (R2R) coater from Grafisk Maskinfabrik is an easy-to-use entry platform for multipurpose OPV/ other coatings. It features a steady web drive and a universal platform for mounting different coating heads. 

PilotCoat Features

The small web width ensures minimal substrate waste. At the same time, the system can be scaled up by running rolls of Ø400mm (appx. 500-1000m meters) of material. It is an ideal system to mimic large-scale production and the natural step after spin coating. The unit can be used in a controlled atmosphere or inside a large glovebox.

The machine features the following applications:

  • Organic and perovskite photovoltaics
  • Battery cells
  • Photodetectors
  • Fuel cells
  • Smart windows
  • OLED, LEC; and many more

For more information about PilotCoat, please visit: https://gmfunctionals.com/pilotcoat

FlexiCoat Features

Another GM machine that will help shape the future is FlexiCoat. The GM´s FlexiCoat is a large-scale R2R coater for Photovoltaics and various thin film applications.
FlexiCoat can be used in areas such as perovskite solar cells and lithium-ion battery electrodes. The system is designed to assist in upscaling from laboratory trials to production scale. It can operate both as an R&D system and as a production machine, making it the ideal bridge between the two worlds.

The machine features the following applications:

  • Organic and perovskite photovoltaics
  • Battery and fuel cells
  • Thin film sensors
  • Supercapacitors


For more information about FM330, please visit: https://gmfunctionals.com/flexicoat


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How can I help you?

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