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R2R Inspection Platform

  • Configurable with various inspection equipment
  • Real-time material quality data
  • Enables instant error detection and corrective actions 
  • Early defect identification reduces rework, waste, and costs


Quality Control in Functional Materials Manufacturing

Quality control is pivotal in functional materials manufacturing, demanding precision and reliability. Roll-to-roll (R2R) inspection machines have become essential for maintaining quality standards.

Precision Assurance Across Industries

1. Flexible Electronics: R2R inspection ensures impeccable quality in conductive traces, material deposition, and end-product integrity for OLED displays and printed circuitry.

2. Photovoltaics: High-efficiency flexible solar panel production relies on R2R inspection to verify thin-film coatings, component alignment, and material purity.

3. Coatings and Films: Industries like packaging and sensors benefit from R2R inspection, ensuring coating thickness, consistency, and adhesion meet specifications.

4. Printed Electronics: R2R inspection checks print alignment, ink uniformity, and curing in the deposition of conductive inks and functional materials on flexible substrates.

Cutting Edge R2R Inspection

  • GM Functionals' high-speed R2R inspection platform provides real-time quality control, minimizing rework, material waste, and substandard production.
  • Data generated is used for process optimization via machine learning and AI, customizing inspection for different materials and quality criteria.
  • Ongoing research balances high-speed inspection with sensitivity to detect subtle defects for seamless integration into manufacturing lines.


Tailored Quality for Advanced Manufacturing

  • Customizable inspection parameters for specific materials and production needs, including real-time defect detection and immediate corrective actions. 
  • Multiple inspection equipment options, including optical systems, spectrometers, and more.
  • Revolutionizing quality control across industries, from electronics to energy storage, the GM Functionals R2R inspection machine ensures exceptional material quality and production efficiency. It's a cornerstone of high-quality, high-performance functional materials in advanced manufacturing.

100% Inspection

Bi-directional system allowing the users to back-up and re-check the defect to make sure the job is 100% perfect.

Real-Time Quality Control

GM Functionals platform enables real-time quality control in high-volume manufacturing for consistent quality.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 350 mm 14”
Substrate thickness 50 - 200 µm  2 - 7.9 pt
Max speed 200 m/min 656 ft/min
Max unwinder diameter 400 mm 15.7”
Max rewinder diameter 400 mm 15.7”
Pneumatic shafts diameter 25 - 76 mm 1 - 3”
Web guide BST Ultrasonic
Inspection System Nikka, BST Tubescan, AVT
Printing System (optional) Domino Gx, HSA Inkjet Thermal, up to 600dpi
Slitting Station (optional) Razor knife
Minimum distance razor 12 mm 0.5”
Label Dispenser (optional), max speed 30 m/ min 98 ft/ min
W x D x H 2,0 x 1,2 x 1,7 m 6.7 x 3.9 x 5.6 ft

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