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DC350 - R2R Die Cutting Platform

  • Highly efficient solution for producing RFID labels
  • Digital integration ensures precision, efficiency, and optimal control
  • Automation enhances production efficiency and quality 
  • Advanced sensors ensure consistent quality


Advanced RFID Label Production with the DC350Custom Converting Line

The DC350Custom Converting Line efficiently produces RFID labels with an integrated applicator, lamination station, and die-cutter. Emphasizing digital integration, it ensures precision, consistency, and optimal control, making it ideal for manufacturers. The automated DC350 R2R line transforms raw materials into high-quality RFID labels through continuous stages, starting with substrate unwinding.

Precision Application and Protection: Advanced Features of the Label Applicator and Lamination Station

The label applicator applies RFID inlays with high precision, using advanced sensors and digital controls for accurate placement, real-time adjustments, and reduced waste. The lamination station adds a protective layer, ensuring durability and longevity with digitally controlled even application and real-time quality monitoring.

Exact Precision: Advanced Cutting Technology in the Die-Cutter for Uniform RFID Labels

The die-cutter precisely cuts laminated material into uniform RFID labels without damaging inlays. Advanced digital controls manage cutting with exact precision, store multiple profiles, and allow quick adjustments for different designs, ensuring perfect cuts through real-time feedback.

Centralized Control System

A centralized interface allows operators to monitor and control the entire production line from a single point. This system enables precise adjustments and provides a comprehensive overview of the production process.

Real-time Monitoring and Feedback

Advanced sensors and cameras are deployed throughout the line, providing continuous real-time data. This feedback allows for instant corrections and adjustments, ensuring optimal performance and high-quality output.

Data Analytics and Quality Control

The system uses sophisticated data analytics to evaluate production metrics, identify trends, and predict potential issues. This proactive approach to quality control helps minimize downtime and enhances overall efficiency.

ERP Integration

The DC350 can integrate seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, facilitating synchronized management of inventory, production schedules, and logistics.

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